"Qingren" is born of a complex not-knowing. It is an exploration of the deep shadow of guilt in the age of labels which, to me, have never felt encompassing or adequate to capture the essence of an individual. It is a dance, wordless, because all too often words are simply not enough.

We live in an age where "labels" guide and usurp critical thought. Where "performance of self" is rewarded in dopamine bumps from social media while "cancel-culture" condemns those still walking their journey who have not yet "arrived." Since when did the "arrival of self" or the "destination" hold greater value than the potential of the horizon? In an age when knowing is so categorically championed, to me bravery is found wading through the not knowing in the darkest depths where one might meet the true self, sinking, in a swamp of guilt. How do you give words to that?

- Sean Patrick Higgins (Writer, Director, Producer)